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Nemaslug – Slug Killer

The environmentally friendly alternative to traditional slug pellets, Nemaslug is the perfect choice for the ecological gardener who hates using chemicals and poisons in the garden. In fact, small numbers of the nematode are already present in most soils, so you aren’t introducing anything new into your garden.

Because it’s a ‘living’ product requiring proper storage, Nemaslug is only available by order from approved suppliers, and the cheapest I’ve found is Harrod Horticultural, with prices starting from just £9.95*

Don’t let slugs spoil your garden this year!
Buy your Nemaslug here

*Prices were correct when I last checked, but please confirm they’re still current.

A unique range of quality garden products makes the Harrod Horticultural website well worth a browse while you’re there.

Nemaslug buying options

Nemaslug is available in two pack sizes:

  • Small – covering up to 40m²  (50yd²)
  • Large – covering up to 100m²  (125yd²)

and three treatment options:

  • One single application.
  • Two treatment programme.
  • Three treatment programme.

The two and three treatment programmes are automatically dispatched at six-weekly intervals; no need to worry about storage or when to re-order, and you save on postage too.

Nematode hosepipe feeder

Miracle-Gro nematode hosepipe feeder

Nematode hosepipe feeder

While a watering can is probably easiest and most accurate for treating a small area, a hosepipe feeder is ideal for larger gardens.

Manufactured by Miracle-Gro, this feeder is the one recommended for the hosepipe application of nematode products.

  • Three spay patterns.
  • Uses standard Hozelock fitting (supplied).
  • Suitable for foliar sprays and soluble feeds too, but wash thoroughly between different applications.

Nematode hosepipe feeder
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Slug eggs can lay dormant in the soil for years and then hatch when conditions are right

Organic Slug Killer

Nemaslug slug killer

Had enough of holey hostas and lacy lettuce?

Want to protect your plants from ravenous slugs without resorting to poisonous pellets?

Nemaslug is what you’re looking for.

Harmless to humans and wildlife; safe on food crops. Dead slugs are non-toxic to other animals.

Nemaslug slug killer
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