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Nemasys product range

Nemasys product range

Nematode species have now been identified that naturally control other common garden pests as well as slugs, and these are available from online suppliers under the Nemasys brand name.

All nematode pest control products are environmentally friendly, and harmless to humans and other wildlife. They’re non-toxic, even if the dead or infected creatures are eaten by other animals, and perfectly safe to use with food crops.

Complete Nemasys range

Vine weevil

One product I’m particularly interested in is the Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer – Steinernema kraussei – which works in exactly the same way as the slug infesting nematodes.

Vine weevils are a growing menace in pots and containers. While the adults may nibble a few unsightly holes in plant leaves, it’s the tiny white larvae that do the damage, and all the destruction happens out of sight below ground. They munch away on plant roots, and the first you know about it is when your plant starts to wither and wilt; at which point too much root damage has occurred to save it.

Because the presence of vine weevils is so hard to detect until it’s too late, the best plan is to take a proactive stance by applying Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer at an early stage in the season.

Grow Your Own

Another interesting product from the Nemasys range is Nemasys Grow Your Own. This special mix of different nematodes takes care of a broad range of common pests that plague the fruit and vegetable grower; pests such as:

  • Ants
  • Cabbage Root Fly
  • Carrot Root Fly
  • Caterpillars
  • Codling Moth
  • Cutworms
  • Gooseberry Sawfly
  • Leather-jackets (crane fly, or daddy long-legs larvae)
  • Onion Fly
  • Sciarid Fly (fungus gnats)
  • Thrips

Nematode hosepipe feeder

Miracle-Gro nematode hosepipe feeder

Nematode hosepipe feeder

While a watering can is probably easiest and most accurate for treating a small area, a hosepipe feeder is ideal for larger gardens.

Manufactured by Miracle-Gro, this feeder is the one recommended for the hosepipe application of nematode products.

  • Three spay patterns.
  • Uses standard Hozelock fitting (supplied).
  • Suitable for foliar sprays and soluble feeds too, but wash thoroughly between different applications.

Nematode hosepipe feeder
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Organic Slug Killer

Nemaslug slug killer

The perfect choice for the ecological gardener who hates using chemicals and poisons in the garden.

Up to two months slug protection from a single application.

Harmless to birds, animals, and children. Safe to use on food crops. Dead slugs are non-toxic to other creatures.

Nemaslug slug killer
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One individual field slug has the potential to produce about 90,000 grandchildren

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