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Collection of flower pots, bulbs and a garden trowel

Here are some of my favourite garden websites.
Hope you like them too!

BBC Gardeners’ World

A wealth of gardening know how from the team at Gardeners’ World. Catch up on all the previous episodes on BBC iPlayer.


The UK’s largest online garden superstore. They have a massive range of products, including garden furniture, tools, and garden accessories. Greenfingers offer the widest range and the lowest prices; with regular special offers, and free delivery of online orders over £29.

Harrod Horticultural

Built on over 50 years experience, Harrod Horticultural specialise in quality tools and products for the serious gardener; with a bias towards the organic fruit and vegetable grower. Many of their products are designed and manufactured by their own team of experts. Everything you need to sow, grow, harvest, and even cook your produce.

Lots of free information and advice  ·  Free catalogue.


Everything you need to create and maintain a beautiful garden pond, and remember; a pond attracts a lot of beneficial wildlife into your garden, some of which eat slugs.

Cheapest prices for pond liners.


Europe’s largest producer of cultivated turf, and recognised as Britain’s leading supplier of high quality topsoil and bark chippings. The Rolawn brand is the recognised benchmark for quality and service. Clients include The Royal Horticultural Society, championship golf courses, and national house builders.

A good lawn takes a lot of work, and Rolawn have some excellent advice pages:

Royal Horticultural Society

The definitive source of garden information. Things I find useful are:

Suttons Seeds

The UK’s premier seed supplier, having been in the business for over 200 years. I remember Dad using them long before the Internet. Suttons now specialise in seeds, bulbs, plug-plants, and also offer a range of other gardening equipment.

My other websites

OK, so not exactly garden websites, but you might be interested.

Psychology Solution

Shining new light on old problems. Lots of self help pages that hopefully offer a new way of looking at old emotional difficulties.

Eating Disorder Support

Advice for eating disorder sufferers and their families. I helped a good friend set up this website. She battled an eating disorder for many years and wanted to do something to help others. She was a special lady...

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British gardeners use over 400 billion slug pellets every year

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